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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Help Save Darfur

Thanks and praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Dear Friend,

Everyday, the 2.5 million people chased from their homes in Darfur face the threat of starvation, disease, and rape, while the few lucky enough to remain in their homes risk displacement, torture, and murder.

We must continue to do all we can.

Would you join me in calling on President Bush and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to do more?

Visit http://www.savedarfur.org to do so.

Thank you,

Here is another page on their site for you to get involved http://www.savedarfur.org/section/take_action

Below is SaveDarfur Unity Statement

The emergency in Sudan’s western region of Darfur presents the starkest challenge to the world since the Rwanda genocide in 1994. A government-backed Arab militia known as Janjaweed has been engaging in campaigns to displace and wipe out communities of African tribal farmers.

Villages have been razed, women and girls are systematically raped and branded, men and boys murdered, and food and water supplies targeted and destroyed. Government aerial bombardments support the Janjaweed by hurling explosives as well as barrels of nails, car chassis and old appliances from planes to crush people and property. Tens of thousands have died. Well over a million people have been driven from their homes, and only in the past few weeks have humanitarian agencies gained limited access to some of the affected region.

Mukesh Kapila, the former United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Sudan, said on March 19, 2004 that the violence in Darfur is “more than a conflict, it's an organized attempt to do away with one set of people.” The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has issued its first ever genocide emergency. John Prendergast of International Crisis Group warns, “We have not yet hit the apex of the crisis.”

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) estimates that 350,000 people or more could die in the coming months. Ongoing assessments by independent organizations such as Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) suggest that USAID’s estimate may be conservative. If aid is denied or unavailable, as many as a million people could perish.

Lives are hanging in the balance on a massive scale.

Here is the latest action by President Bush on Darfur

Save Darfur Coalition Praises President's Signing of Darfur Bill
Coalition Also Applauds Executive Order Implementing Provisions to Help End Genocide, Urges Continued Leadership

WASHINGTON, DC - The Save Darfur Coalition today praised both President Bush's signing of the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act and his immediate steps to implement some of its strongest provisions by Executive Order. The Coalition, which comprises 178 faith-based, humanitarian, and civil society organizations, also called upon the President to make quick use of additional authorities contained within the bill, including increased aid to the African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur and stronger restrictions on the trade of Sudanese oil.

"By signing this important legislation into law, the President has once again demonstrated his commitment to protecting innocent lives by ending the genocide in Darfur," said David Rubenstein, Coordinator of the Save Darfur Coalition. "We now look forward to President Bush and his administration using all of the tools that this bill makes available to them to help save lives in Darfur." To read the full story goHere

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