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Friday, September 08, 2006


Voting As Christians

Thanks and praise to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

It is time that we get everyone we know to register and vote. The next couple of years could be very critical for us as a nation.

Here is a site that may be useful to us as Christians. I have not taken the time to research anything about it so you will need to look at it closely. I have copied the information below directly from their site.

To go to Christianvotes.comClick Here

about ChristianVotes.com

Many Americans know they need to register or re-register, but are putting it off because the presidential election “isn’t until November.” Others choose not to re-register simply because it is a hassle they do not want to deal with, and they know they will not be fined for neglecting to do it (as they can if they do not re-register their car after a move).

What many Christians do not recognize is that the call to vote is clearly stated in the Bible. Dr. D. James Kennedy has said, “It is a sin not to vote. After all, Jesus told us to ‘render unto Caesar’—which includes voting—and when we fail to do as He commanded, we are, by definition, sinning”

The ChristianVotes campaign is dedicated to making sure that evangelical Christians are registered in time to actually vote in this year’s elections.

The campaign is focused on reminding Christians that voting is more than just a civic duty; it is a spiritual responsibility. This, not only because of Christ’s words, but also because voting impacts the shape of America, and not voting in no way negates the responsibility each Christian bears for refusing to take a stand.

ChristianVotes combines the multimedia efforts of each branch of Coral Ridge Ministries to make voter registration and voting simple, effective, and logical.

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